Something Worth Dreaming Of

by erase:rewind

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It's better on the west coast baby All you've got to do is come and see The sun shines bright pacifically The west coast brings you close to me The moon glows by fire light The beach moans over sandy shores Listen close to the howling night Leave the west coast for crashing bores I realize the irony And how biased I must sound Just put yourself in my shoes This is the greatest view around The streets are full of red tail lights The only sound you hear are blaring horns It's where head and heart collide I'll take the east coast over yours Everybody loves Everyone has something worth dreaming of No one wants to choose between everything they have And what they might lose If a smile's worth a thousand words then I'll just have to show A novel's worth in perfect verse For the world to know It's not better on the west coast baby All you need is just to be with me
Magnificent 04:10
There's something to be said for this Something so magnificent I've run out of words and feelings to describe How something so strange has been brought to life I know I am responsible I'll be held accountable It started with us going down I felt your legs begin to shake As you close your eyes We left it up to fate Every time he cries I'll feel alive I'll feel the pride I know is mine There's still something to be said for this How strange of a coincidence Oh darling how perfect here I see so perfectly clear With every kick and every cry I'll know I'm here and I'm alive With every step and stumbled fall Something so strange so wonderful
Standing in your parents basement, I didn't wanna see you cry I decided to leave. I decided to try. Say goodbye. It's the hardest thing to say sometimes But I just heard from a friend of mine Sold my old life. Put it all on the line You never know you never know Open all the windows. Let it blow out in the street Took Interstate 55 and gave it away I'm taking only memories from Missouri I'm putting miles between me and Missouri I've gotta try to let go of Missouri I won't be coming back You could go 1000 miles away, it's ok You could just leave it all behind You could see the big lights. You could see the stars You can say goodbye. You never know unless you try Open all the windows. Let it blow out in the streets Interstate 55. Will you take it away?
Everybody wants to see Everybody wants to show Everybody wants to feel Not everybody wants to know But I don't know I don't know why So you cast your stone into the water And hope for something more than a ripple But your love is something so much deeper Than you can go So you say just one more shot and it's over You'll do it all again when you're sober But love will take you so much further Than you can throw Now you're standing on the edge of a canyon It's self made but for all your intention It'll take the best and worst that you've given To fill it up and reach the top Just remember what it took you to get here All the love, hate, pain don't forget fear It's your feelings that will keep you humble You're beautiful, so beautiful
It's always a feeling unknown It sinks in your heart like a phone Collect calls to someone you've twice now forgotten You've never been so far from home You mail all your letters abroad The truth is it's always been wrong Mark on the letter, return to sender The King sang to you all along We'll sit in the sand I'll trace the lines on your hand Before I go, You should know There's never been words to describe The hearts that we've loved all our lives You've had to tell her just how much you love her While she counts the stars in the sky When it comes down to proving them wrong It takes more that words in a song If you live your life while looking through their eyes Well then, are we living at all? Let's lie in the grass tonight I'll trace the lines on your hand We'll count the stars in the sky If that's all you get, let's sink into the sand


released May 1, 2020

Songs 1,2,4,5 written by J Orellana
Song 3 Written by Gatto
Produced by erase:rewind
Recorded at Totally Tubular Studios by J Orellana with michaeltgatto
Mixed by J Orellana
Mastered by michaeltgatto
Art by Sarah Bogosh


all rights reserved



erase:rewind New Jersey

erase:rewind is a rock and roll band. We play music influenced by alternative and indie rock of the 1990's, emo and punk rock of the early 2000's, and just about anything else we happen to like

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